I Might Come Back as a Mountain or a Bird
Charlotte Ghaie 

29 July - 10 August 2023
161 Heidelberg Rd, Northcote 
Tuesday - Thursday, 12 - 4pm
Friday, 10am - 5pm 
Opening drinks Saturday 29 July, 3-5pm

The artworks in this exhibition were informed by a six week trip to India which Charlotte took with her family. Inspired by experiences connecting with family in India, this body of work is a highly personal exploration of fragmented cultural identity as well as what it means to be a woman and a mother. 

The process of making these works reactivated memories from Charlotte’s personal history, allowing her to make connections with ancestors, past versions of herself and her experience of being in a woman’s body. She says, ‘in India, I am making sense of family, ancestral longings, motherhood, mysticism, and real or imagined memories. I know I need to make these images, they are revealing something that exists but is not yet known to me. Without art I may never find out.’

In addition to a large body of works on paper, this exhibition includes a series of fabric works which were produced in India with a textile and tailoring atelier owned by Vishal Ji, whose family were once tailors to the Jaipur royal family.  A series of drawings that explore the experience of a woman's body - motherhood, death, desire and libido - were used as a starting point to create these fabric works which Charlotte describes as 'charming but imperfect representations of [her] work.'

All works in exhibition will be avaiable to preview online from Friday 28 July.