Moving Right Along
21-28 May 2022
250 Johnston Street, Abbotsford

View available works here.

Sunday Salon is thrilled to present a solo exhibition of works by Angus Gardner. 
Working across ceramics, painting and drawing Gardner’s practice explores the relationship between the 2D and 3D. Drawing is integral to the development of his paintings and sculptures which often take place simultaneously in the studio. This working relationship allows for marks, colours and forms to find fluidity between surfaces and materials and extend beyond the paper and canvas into spatial existence.
Gardner is deeply curious about the spatial environment and human connection. Of particular interest to him is how we navigate, experience and connect with the environment around us, both physically and psychologically, and how those choices and destinations can be translated back into the studio.

'After two years of stillness and reflection, a drive from Manly to Molong to Melbourne reminded me of the vastness and energy of changing environments. Moving Right Along is a series of paintings and ceramic sculptures that explore the the horizon line, the space in between things and the power of moving water,' says Gardner.